Who You Calling A Deadbeat?! — Part VI — June 13, 2010

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by J.S. Buford

greetings. thank you for including her medication, as i was preparing to inquire why they weren’t forwarded last week tuesday. i spoke with her teacher two weeks ago concerning her graduation, and will insure that she is properly prepared.

in terms of her hair. touch up? you and your family have been neglecting our daughter’s hair for months now, among other things. are you really going to force me to go in court and produce the photos that i have been recording. i’ll do her hair as i have been doing, in a style that will accommodate her graduation cap.

dresses? she leaves with dresses that i’ve purchased her, and the dresses don’t return. t-shirts, jeans, sweats… those things return. expensive jewelry and dresses… these things don’t return. we’ll make due.


you are well aware of the fact that i have no interest in your apologies. i have been contending with gutbucket behavior for years… years. your words won’t find audience here.

what i do have an interest in is being able to father our daughter peaceably. what i have an interest in is being able to spend time with our daughter, love her, and care for her absent disruptions and unnecessary stress. what i have an interest in is our daughter being able to grow up free of the conflict that is constantly being stoked.

what i have an interest in is you abandoning selfish, self serving ambitions and putting her first.

how many years must this continue? seriously. don’t you have better things to do? would it not be easier to just let whatever you are harboring go? wouldn’t you be so much happier? wouldn’t our daughter be so much better off?

save your apologies. pray. go to counseling….. do whatever you have to do. set aside the acrimony and practice harmony. my only interest is fathering her? is that so bad? a father who loves and wants to father his daughter? is that not worthy of a small modicum of respect… enough for you to simply allow our daughter to know the love of her father without years of this.

and as an aside. father’s day is approaching. please, find it within your heart, or pretend, not to disrupt father’s day too.


And next time you find the audacity to utter the aforementioned words, think about it, think about “Who You Callin a Deadbeat Daddy!?”

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