Who You Calling A Deadbeat? — Part IV — October 11, 2009

  • Accused of physical abuse and unabashed ni%$a ishtt: check.
  • Accused of grotesque behaviors (sexual abuse, unbridled beat downs, neglect, etc., etc.) towards your child: check.
  • Almost go bankrupt defending yourself, just to see your child: check.
  • Continual attempts to disrupt or limit time together: check.
  • Disruption of familial and cultural traditions, attempts to provide extracurricular stimulation, and dote over child: check.
  • Refusal to release unimportant stuff like medical records, health status, birth certificates, access to academic reports, etc.,: check, check, and check………



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JuJuan Buford

JuJuan Buford


I’m believe that change can occur when people are equipped with the tools to exercise agency in their lives. Entrepreneur. Writer. #catchjsbuford