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A quick summary of the lessons I would impart to myself 20 years ago.

  1. **Hard Work Without Immediate Pay:** In the beginning stages of a business, you may have to put in a lot of work without seeing immediate financial rewards. This is normal and part of the journey. In other words, become OK as soon as possible with doing work you’re not being paid for, to enjoy being paid for work you no longer have to do sooner rather than later.
  2. **Be Open-Minded:** Far too often, new entrepreneurs start with this idealized list of things they refuse to do. It’s the kiss of death. Your success (especially financially) could care less about how you feel or what you want. Instead, focus on doing whatever is necessary to achieve success. BE WILLING.
  3. **Clarity of Mission:** It’s crucial to be clear about your mission and what you want to accomplish in your business. Your mission should resonate with your values and guide your actions. It’s your internal compass and will eventually serve as your company’s North Star.
  4. **Build Resonance:** You should aim to build trust and resonance with your audience. Having people who like, know, and trust you is essential for long-term success. People don’t care what your services are. They care why your services exist and what outcomes can you deliver to them.
  5. **Don’t Over-Investigate:** Avoid spending excessive time investigating every aspect of your business or industry. If you’re seeking perfection or the perfect time, you’re not going to find it. Get into action and start building. Learn. Do. Evaluate. Reset.
  6. **Creating a List:** Create a list (physical list) of potential contacts, including friends, family, and even strangers, to introduce your products or services. It decreases psychological and operational lag.
  7. **Focus on the Mission, Not Just Sales:** Instead of immediately pushing for sales, look to share your mission and vision with people as frequently as possible. If they believe in your mission, they are more likely to support your business.

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